Church Twinning

At the heart of St George’s is an inclusive theology with an outward-looking, global-reaching vision.

Our church was born out of a holiday destination visited by folk from all around the world.  

Our recognition that the congregation lives on a large map makes an important contribution to the search for peace, the struggle for justice, and the integrity of creation.  

Fr. David Price, Chaplain (Right)
Lloyd Hobbard-Mitchell, Ordinand (Left)

We have so much to offer

Our work has increased

Developing partnerships is part of our mission and this commitment takes us beyond national boundaries to work together with Christians in all parts of the world and across all denominations.

Paul’s metaphor of the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12) challenges us; each part of the body needs the others, “The eye cannot say to the hand, ‘I have no need of you’”. 

Different parts of the worldwide Church are called to join together in the essential task of sharing God’s love in a world full of different needs.

This is a task that crosses the boundaries of culture and language. No part of the Church can do it alone. We need each other. We are called to work in partnership with others.

Twinning church focus areas

Church links need a clear focus and plan developed together, between two partners.

To create a focus you could choose to reflect on one or more of the following areas:

We want to work with you

What our twinned churches look like

Our partners look like you and together we celebrate together! pray together! learn together! serve together!


To us celebration means sharing each other’s gifts, insights and ideas. each others faith, church, and community life.

Partners have much to celebrate together, both what is held in common and what is diverse. The celebrations of each other’s gifts, insights, ideas about faith, church, and community life are important ways of developing partnerships and confidence in one another. In celebration, all ages can join together through sharing in common welcome and hospitality.


We want to pray with and for you to encourage and strengthen each others faith. bring hope to those we both pray with and for.

“Dear God, please keep brethren together in unity. Encourage us to put our differences aside so that we can effectively praise you with one mind. Release your overflowing grace and anointing on all brethren as we make significant efforts to promote your name in love. For in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.”

Prayer provides the energy and the connection for the relationship. Praying for and with churches in other situations can encourage and strengthen faith and bring hope to those we pray with. It can open a new vision of possibilities. The sharing of emails, photographs, stories, letters, provides not only the raw material for prayer but is a way of praying.


Twinning provides everyone with great opportunities to learn new approaches. to rediscover old ways of doing things. to learn about how and why we might do things differently.

Our personalities and traditions are formed by and through the cultures in which we are brought up. The form of Christianity that is experienced and generally taken for granted is determined, at least in part, through cultural heritage and historical development. It is important to learn how Christianity is understood and experienced in Britain and across different parts of the world. Through dialogue and relationships, as many testimonies show, learning from Christianity in other cultures helps us to gain a broader picture of the Church and helps to develop discipleship. Through this, the Holy Spirit will guide us into more truth and enable us to work together for the good of all humanity.

Evangelism and Service

We would love to share our work with you giving you the opportunity to share with us new ideas! new enthusiasm! new directions!

Opportunities for sharing in mission programs can form the heart of some inter-church partnerships. Serving one another and hearing about current ways of talking about Jesus and helping people to faith can have a profound effect locally. Practical experience of sharing in mission activity in both contexts is to be encouraged.

In a relationship, churches can discover ways of serving each other. It could be by responding to social needs in each community, developing a shared project, using each other’s worship resources, working together in a third country, or campaigning together on issues of justice and peace. It could be raising money in response to an identified need. However, a partnership should not be solely based on money or raising money. This misses the opportunity for mutual learning and praying.

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