We have created this page to remember parishioners who have passed away and also to provide support to our parishioners who have lost a loved one.

Parishioners are listed in green, whilst those who parishioners would like remembered and who are not from the parish, are listed in black.

The names listed on this page will be read during intercessions at their ‘Years Mind’ where the congregation will remember them and pray for them.

St George’s offers the service to include your loved one here at no cost.

We do however ask that you consider making a voluntary contribution to our work.

  • January



    Robin Edward Belcher – 2nd January 2016

  • February

    John Bathurst Cradick – 28th February 2022

    Alan Ward – 27th February 2021




    David Syms – 25th March 2021

    Malcolm Charles Schaverien – 13th March 2021

    Alan Stephen Lewis – 27th March 2017

    Gavin Hazelhurst – 27th March 2019

  • April

    William Robert Earl (Bob) – 30th April 2022

    Charles Elwin- 29th April 2021




    Malcolm Geoffrey Glenny – 19th May 2020

  • June

    Jean Claude Coulon – 1st June 2021

    June Carr – 4th June 2020

    John “Dolly” Humphreys – 9th June 2022

    Alan Sherratt – 16th June 2013




    Martin Henderson – 11th July 2022

    Richard Wayne Moorcroft – 17th July 2022

    David Collier – 22nd July 2021

  • August

    Brett Neal – 5th August 2017




  • October




    Maurice Cass – 18th November 2021

  • December