It is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and cast into his garden; and it grew, and waxed a great tree; and the fowls of the air lodged in the branches of it.

Contribute To Our Work

Any gift to us fulfils four distinctly positive functions.

First, it enables us to Glorify His name.

Next, it assists Children who benefit from the wonderful and worthy work of the Father Ray Foundation.

Then, it enables us to expand our Healthcare Equipment Lending Scheme, or to further develop in other directions within our own Ministry work in the community particularly in the areas of Welfare (Housing, Health, Education & Employment).

Finally, we need funds to support and assist the essential works of MERCY and other partners, who help so many in our community.

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The Redemtorist Chapel

We meet at 3pm every Sunday to celebrate the Eucharist in the unique Redemtorist chapel within the Father Ray Foundation which is located on the Sukhumvit Road, Pattaya just down the road from Index.

In the absence of our own land and church building, we rent the space we use.

Meet the Team

Inclusive Church

St George’s is proud to be a member of the Inclusive Church Network.

Inclusive Church is a network of churches, groups and individuals uniting together around a shared vision

We believe in an inclusive church – a church which celebrates and affirms every person and does not discriminate.

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In Memoriam

In the absence of any ex-pat cemetery or Garden of Remembrance, the church maintains an online ‘In Memoriam’ page which is available to any parishioners who would like to memorialize the memory of any friend or relative who has died.